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Solar and Battery Storage

Powering your home with solar energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy solution and could see savings on your electricity bills by installing solar panels and battery storage. 

Having solar panels on your roof allows you to become more independent from the National Grid, reduce your home's impact on the environment and have greater control over how and when your energy is used. 

With the Smart Export you can also earn money back for exporting excess solar energy generated by your solar panel system into the grid.

We have a variety of solar packages which can be tailored to meet the requirements of your home. 

We offer a variety of Solar PV Installations, get in touch for further information. 


A greener tomorrow

Generating your own solar power reduces your carbon footprint and the amount of fossil fuels used to power your home. Why not start with Solar PV to reduce your Carbon Footprint while reduce energy costs.

Greater independence

Generating your own energy gives you more independence. You can also get paid for any excess you export back to the Grid.


Your Energy provider will pay you for your excess energy.


As part of the Government's Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) obligation, you can get an export tariff from your current supplier. This is for people and businesses who generate their own renewable energy. It’ll allow you to earn money for any surplus energy you don’t use in your home or business and export back to the electricity grid.

Store excess energy

A Solar PV Storage battery allows you to store up excess energy generated in the day to use at night, helping you to save.


What is Solar Battery Storage?


Solar battery storage allows you to store electricity generated from the sun via your Solar Panels to use in the evening or at a later date. Adding a solar battery system is a great way to use renewable energy to increase your independence from the grid.

We offer a solar battery as part of a solar system package or you can opt to add a battery at a later stage.

Our dedicated team of solar panels and battery storage experts will provide information and advice to help you choose the right solar battery for you. 

Get in Touch

Want help today? Give us a call or complete our simple online contact form and one of our team will call you back to discuss your options. We’ll help you decide if Solar PV or PV and Battery id right for your home.  


N.B. Battery storage products are not MCS certified.

your business.

Smart Energy Solutions

Together we can achieve zero carbon

Smarty Technology can help you to achieve a carbon neutral future.  Laver Group can help customers choose the right selection of products for their home.

Why Laver Group?

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Helping to reduce carbon emissions (decarbonisation) in the built environment through knowledge sharing, design, installing, servicing and maintaining.

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