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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Underground temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year. Ground source heat pumps take advantage of this stable source of energy by extracting the heat and using it for domestic space heating and domestic water heating.

Ground source heat pumps work through loops of pipes buried underground to extract the heat, and by means of a reverse refrigeration process the heat can then be used to heat radiators, under-floor or warm air heating systems and hot water in your home.

Because of their temperature output and efficiency range, ground source heat pumps are ideal matches to use with under-floor heating as the most cost effective and pleasant heating solution for the home.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air to air heat pump technology provides a cost effective renewable solution where mains gas or other technologies are not suitable by utilising energy from the air to efficiently heat or cool a room. Perfect for apartments or smaller homes, air to air heat pumps require no storage space for fuel and can provide up to 10kw to heat rooms, with the added benefit of cooling during the warmer months.

Extracting heat from the air outside the warm air is distributed by fans to heat a room. Rather than burning fuel to produce heat, an air to air heat pump works in a similar way to a refrigerator.

Over the last few years Laver Group has seen a rise in the number of ASHP units being installed.  To ensure your property/premises is suitable for a unit installation, we ask all our customer to undertake a Pre-Survey Questionnaire.  There are 16 questions and the majority will give you options to choose from.   To begin the Pre-Survey with scan the QR Code below with your smart device or alternatively click the link.


Planning Permission

Currently, your local authority must be consulted regarding planning permission for air source heat pumps. More information is available on the Energy Saving Trust’s website. Laver Group Limited is MCS certified and a member of the RECC assurance scheme.

your business.

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Together we can achieve zero carbon

Smarty Technology can help you to achieve a carbon neutral future.  Laver Group can help customers choose the right selection of products for their home.

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